What is hair serum

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Our team is loving the oils and i know you will, too. This incredible offer of freebies and gifts just for signing up with the Premium Starter Kit is good for this month only, so if interested be sure to sign up by march 31st! It's only fair to share.

rugpijn that actually happened once, i still have no idea who it was but they were not going to see me with oily hair and a shower cap, ha! Rinse with warm water, and shampoo and condition as normal. You may need two rinses of shampoo, zonder make sure the oil is out! Note that drying your hair may take a few extra minutes because your hair is now hydrated! Unfortunately Im still growing out the damaged ends (no essential oil can magically replace hair thats broken off) so my hair isnt exactly covergirl worthy but its getting there.

In other words, if you see me out and about dont judge the serum on my current hair situation. But feel free to touch it so you can feel the softness! Just dont be a creeper, warn me before you grab it, mkay? Anyone else singing the overprocessed, Dry, dull hair Blues? Go on and rock your hair masks, ladies! Want to get hooked up with your own essential oils? Id love to help you get started and support you on your oily journey!

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Please note this is enough for one application; youll use less for shorter hair and more for longer hair: 1-2 tb of, argan oil (I personally love this brand and use it for many beauty needs!) 3-5 drops each of the following: young living rosemary. Young living melaleauca a (tea tree oil). Young living copaiba oil (optional, but this amazing oil really boosts sisley the others!). Mix together, and apply to dry hair. Rub into the areas that need it the most, this is also a great serum for a dry scalp. I rub mine into the scalp, most damaged areas, and then the ends if I have enough on hand. Let sit for an hour brood under a shower cap. Do the laundry or scare the kids while making breakfast. If the doorbell rings, run away. .

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My hairdresser went from stressing over my dry tresses to asking what had I done because my hair was perricone so soft (in just 6 weeks time). I could actually feel a substantial difference after the first application, but after 6 weeks there was a complete 180 in terms of hair health. My hair was stronger, shinier, and stopped breaking! You can seriously feel the difference. It also looks fuller in the front where it had been thinning. warning: totally awkward hair selfie alert! Heres the recipe so you can make this practically magic hair serum at home too! I only trust young living essential oils near my body because they are 100 pure.

Which is a really roundabout way to tell you the story of my hair. Oh do tell us about your hair, carrie! No really, this kokosolie is good. Last summer fall, i noticed something alarming: my hair was breaking off in chunks. And it was thinning. I *may* overprocess my hair just a tad, which is the root cause (har har) of the damage. But so was the pool, and sun, and indoor heating, and hair drying, and flat-ironing— (jeez, those poor locks!) After the third time my hair broke off in the front right at bang level, and near tears, i started researching essential oils and carrier oils. I started making my own diy essential mask and my hair was rocked.

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Its pretty funny, life. Last year I could barely find time to blog because i was so busy taking care of sick kids (and a sick me!) all winter long. Fast forward a year, and Im still finding it hard to find that precious blogging time not because were sick, but because we arent! Or if the kids do get sick, they speed through it, and everyone wants to know how. This epiphany has led to teaching essential oil classes and helping others find wellness over the past few months, so balancing two jobs has been interesting. But I love helping others and wouldnt have it any other way! In other words, Im still here and I still love this blog, but every time i pick up a glue gun or camera the phone rings with another great offer I cant refuse. Ill find balance, someday. After all, my glue gun (and paintbrush) await!

What is hair serum
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